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Dancing Dragon

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For Teachers

For all teachers: Please follow this link to access the contract so you may print it out and complete it.
This is now required prior to each session for your class to run at the studio.
There are extra contracts at the studio as well.

click here for the contract

Rental Information:

For all events (classes, workshops, private use).


Rent is $20 hour or 25%.

If you chose to pay $20 an hour, rent is due by the 1st of each month.

If you chose to pay %25, then payment is due after each class/event.

Please put payment with a descriptive note under the stereo table in the shoe box or contact us tomake other arrangements.

Once you agree upon how you will pay, rent is due at the end of each class/event. This includes the cost of us adding your event and info to the website and to any print or radio ads.

If you make fliers specific to just your class, leave them at the studio and we will help you post them in the area. Please consider getting a flier laminated to place on our sandwich board on the sidewalk.

IF you would like to rent privately for personal use, with no promotional help on our part, THEN rent is $10 hour.


We encourage you to do your own regestrations, however if you prefer to have us collect registrations contact us to make the necessary arrangements

DEPOSITS are not required for weekly classes (effective September 2005):

For a 1 time event (like a workshop) we ask for a 25% deposit that is non-refundable to hold the space.

Deposits may be written out to Whitney Suter and mailed to 90 Highland Ave, Greenfield MA 01301.


You may pay with paypal. Just contact us ahead of time to verify availability and to request a paypal invoice.

After your Class or Event:

Close Windows

Pick up after your class

Lock up

turn off lights, a/c, heat

take some fliers with you if you can post them in your area.

Studio Rules:

No Food or drink except for water.

No shoes in the large room.

No customers in the closet.

Teacher to Teacher discounts:

This is an option that some have chosen to do.

The following teachers have chosen to give a 50% discount to other teachers at Dancing Dragon:

Cheryl Holmes, DansKinetics

Whitney Suter, Belly Dance

Michael Suter, Chen Tai Chi

Dahlia, Indian and World Fusion