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Dancing Dragon

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Whitney has been working professionaly with henna since 1999. Her work has been seen in the Hartford Courant, 10,000 Villages in Northampton, The Meadows, and many other venues. Whitney has also been teaching workshops about henna at libraries, schools, and small businesses.

Available for private appointments,
Fee is $50 per hour.

Whitney's art has adorned brides, dancers, and people who simply want a exquisit henna design.

Whitney mixes her own henna,and does not use black henna.

Contact Whitney to Schedule your appointment, party or class.





Henna is an herb used cosmetically and medicinally and is commonly found in Africa, Asia and South America. It is a common herb that is very hardy in its ideal growing conditions.

Tanin (what is found in tea) is also found in henna. Henna is used on the hair, skin, and nails and, when it is, a stain remains. The stain fades over a period of days to weeks from the skin. However, it remains in both the hair and on the nails.

Henna is beneficial to the health of the body, smells fragrant and is a cooling herb.

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