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Chen Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Taught by Michael Suter on Saturdays at 4pm
Call 413.774.5589

Michael Suter is a student of Master Wang Hai Jun and a Chen Tai Chi Academy approved practice group leader. This course is an introduction to Chen style Taiji Chu'an with a focus on stance, structure, relaxation and inner strength. Chen style is the oldest of the family Taiji styles and is dynamic, powerful and deeply relaxing. The forms include a combination of slow and fast movements and hard and soft energies. Students will learn traditional Chen warm up routine; Chansi jing, or Silk Reeling exercises; and Zhuang gong, or "pole standing" meditations. The first four essential energies of Taiji will be introduced: peng, lu, ji and an. The practice will enhance body alignment, cultivate chi and create relaxed power. This class is intended to slowly and meticulously build the practitioner's chi, and internal and external strength. It is valuable to practitioners of any Taiji form, not just Chen style.
email: Email Michael      phone: 413.774.5589