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Birth Resources


& The Biannual Western Massachusetts Birth Fair

Birthing Resources Currently Available:

Birth Program Schedule

Herbs for Pregnancy & Infancy

August 20, 2005 $100

We will look at how to use herbs for a variety of issues that occur in these time periods and how to make formulas to compliment our homes and our professional practice. Demetria Clark is the Director of Heart of Herbs Herbal School - and a Labor Support Doula and the founder of Birth Arts. She believes in using herbs to compliment and fortify our bodies and to treat acute illness, using evidence based care and Wise Woman Traditions. This class is a full day event so bring a bag lunch and plenty to drink. We will be going outside so comfortable shoes will be needed. You will receive extensive handouts, herbs and make herbal projects. There is a certificate of completion offered from Heart of Herbs and all students receive 10% off at Mountain Rose Herbs and receive a subscription discount from Midwifery Today Magazine. Cost $100.00 for the full day - Class size is limited so register soon.

Weekly Infant Massage Classes

Weekly Classes taught by Wendy Zucco.
Call 413.268.0158 to register.
Infant Massage is a holistic and natural way to promote infant health, deepen bonding, strengthen family bonds, and to create a future generation that is more caring and compassionate. 
Infant massage incorporates  nurturing touch, massage, and reflexology in a loving and fun, one-on-one interaction. This is nourishment for your baby's healthy development of mind, body and spirit.

Partner Massage Classes

Call 413.774.7365 to learn more.
Learn easy stretches and strokes to share in a simple, satisfying, massage session at home. Wonderful for pregnant moms and everyone else.
Cecily "Sam" Legg is a labor & delivery nurse at Franklin Medical Center as well as a licenced massage therapist and Reiki master trained in the Usui Reiki tradition.

Our Upcoming Birth Fair

Birth Dance WorkshopSeptember 24th, 2 to 4 pm

The Western Massachusetts Birth Fairs
A free event for families to come meet local service providers.
We host 2 Birth Fairs a year, on the first Saturdays of October and May. Times are from 1 to 5 pm.


A Moving Experience, especially for pregnant women
led by Juniper Talbot CD(DONA)
Giving birth can be an ecstatic experience. In this workshop, we will explore movements of many cultures which women have used for centuries to create ease-ful and ecstatic childbirth experiences.


We are working on a birthing resource program for the fall at our studio in Greenfield.
If you would like to offer a workshop or series of classes please contact us by August 1st.

If you would like to offer a free informational class we are currently not charging rent for those of you who do this and we still include you in our advertising so, deadline for that is also Aug 1st.

Regarding the biannual birth fairs:
If you'd like to represent your business/services/organization please contact us by Sept 1st (the upcoming birth fair is the first Saturday of Oct).

You will need to bring your own table and display and will be given 25 fliers to post in your area to help promote the fair.
Table fees are $25 due by Sept 1st. This fee is non-refundable if you do not show up at the fair since it is invested in advertising the event.

For last minute attendees who sign up after Sept 1st, the table fee increases to $35 and you are not mentioned in as much of the advertising.

The fair will occur from 1 to 5 pm.

If you are a GRDN member, then your table fee is $20.

If you volunteer to help promote and run the birth fair, your table fee is waived (we can have up to 3 volunteers).

The studio is about 1100 square feet with big westward facing windows. It is located on Main Street in Greenfield MA (a couple doors down from Greenfields Market). There is ample free parking in back.

Close to interstate 91, rt 2 and rt 5 & 10.

There is a small semi-private room for those of you who'd like to offer private consultations or bodywork

phone 413-774-5589 or email us at