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Dancing Dragon

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Whitney's Teaching Schedule

Beginning In April 2006

5:30pm Intermediate Tribal Fusion Bellydance ($50 a month or $15 drop-in)
6:30pm Beginner Tribal Fusion Bellydance ($50 month or $15 drop-in)

Tuesdays: Greenfield Community College 6:30pm.  Registration is closed.

Thursdays:  Private Lessons

Intermediate Bellydance 5:30pm  ($50 a month or $15 drop-in)
Beginner Bellydance 6:30pm  ($50 a month or $15 drop-in)

9:30 am Big Skirt Dancing for Girls (moms are free)
45 min class ends at 10:15 am.  Cost is $35 a month.

10:30 am:  Belly O'bics ($8 for a 45 min class)

11:15 am:  Private individual and group lessons by appointment.

Class Norms:

Arrive on time, if late come in quietly and join the activities with no talk.
Pay at the beginning of each month, call or email ahead to make special arrangements.
Be supportive and respectful to class members and to your self.
Be supportive and respectful of all performers and teachers.
Keep class time focused and save socializing for when after classes are over.
Wear comfortable clothing and enjoy this dance!

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