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Dancing Dragon

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Traditional South Indian and World Dance with Dahlia

Next show scheduled for fall 2005. Actual date & location to be announced!

Reviews of previous shows:

From bellydancema:

Message: 8
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 21:51:58 -0400
From: "Karen Traub"
Subject: Terrific teachers spectacular students

After 35 years of taking dance classes, I am starting to feel almost ready to teach. I was both inspired and humbled last night by the "Oriental Caravan" presented by the Middle Eastern Arts Collaborative at Karuna studio.

Students of area teachers Shifah, Mellea, Shali Sanders, and Joe Sarnelli. Put on a varied and entertaining program. With everything from favorite classics such as Eddie Kochak to fabulous folk dances to cutting edge techno.

Every dancer was gorgeous in her own way and it was nothing short of moving to see women of all ages sharing their love of dance. The dancers ranged in age from about 7 to well let's just say there are some grandmas who put the'"rockin' in rockin' chair!

Highlights for me were many but include the first number, a cane dance with a complex choreography adeptly executed by Joe Sarnelli's big class, the poise and confidence of 13 year old Maddy as she smiled and waited with composure during a long technical music glitch and the lovely Simone who clearly is a rising star.

Of course I can't neglect to mention the visit to earth by Venus herself, (yes I'm little biased toward my fellow Crescent Dancer and idol Shifah) but I was thrilled by her class's spoon dance and no matter how many times I see her dance I am still awed by her every performance.

Costuming was terrific all around and I have to mention what a kick it was to see some moms I know from my son's school looking so glamorous. I loved seeing the support and participation by the teachers and clearly these students are not only learning technique but gaining a deep appreciation for the dance. Hats off to all!

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