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Dancing Dragon

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Kripalu DansKinetics


$10 drop in fee. Special 2-fer discount. 2 weeks or 2 people (bring a buddy) for $15.

Contact Cheryl Holmes at
or 978-544-8948 to pre-register.

Email Cheryl

Kripalu DansKinetics® is a delightful blend of Kripalu yoga, moving meditation, and dance all-at-once. Music and styles from all around the world (think African, Latin, and Belly just to name a few) are incorporated into this fun, no-pressure dance experience.

Classes start with yoga stretches and fluid warm-ups. From there the pace builds and the dancing begins. At the end of class there is a cool-down that moves into a blissful relaxation. No coordination or experience necessary! The movements are not complicated or difficult to follow. In fact, you can change them if you don't like them!

Kripalu DansKinetics® is fun for all ages, body types, levels, and abilities. You'll feel energized and work all parts of your body. You may even find yourself dancing in your chair and bouncing through life. It can simultaneously reduce stress and bring a calm sense of inner peace.

Everyone's experience is slightly different. But all agree - it's fun.
What will be your experience? Come find out!

Contact Cheryl Holmes at or 978-544-8948 to register.

Dancing Dragon - 413.774.5589 - 158 Main Street, Suite 6 Greenfield MA 01301